Christian Lains

Christian Lains

CEO, GraphChain, Co-Founder, BitSpace

Christian is the CEO of GraphChain, the first Distributed Ledger Technology to come out from NTNU after three years of Ph.D research, and is newly established venture with NTNU TTO and BitSpace, the leading Nordic Blockchain-incubator. BitSpace has a long history in the blockchain industry since it’s inception, offering technology agnostic consulting services for both private and public sectors. Our network expands beyond the Nordics and Europe with a strong focus towards investor relations, technology development and the commercialization of startup companies, now counting 5 incubated companies. Christian and has been a key figure in the blockchain community since 2011, and regularly speaks at conferences, both national and internationally. He graduated from the University of Oslo with a masters degree in Philosophy. Christian has deep insights into the future of Blockchain and Distributed Ledger Technologies, and other advanced technology areas as Artificial Intelligence.

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