Ivar Låberg

Ivar Låberg

Technology Lecturer
Oslo International Executives

Ivar Låberg has been involved with ICT since teenage years, and Artificial Intelligence since the 1970’s. Ivar has deep knowledge in a number of ICT related fields of expertise and is well renowned speaker and adviser on a number of topics. He has worked more than 25 years with the Capgemini group. He has been on project-assignments for a large number of Norwegian and international Capgemini clients, especially where combination of business knowledge and thorough technical competence were required. Ivar has been an active member of the international team creating the Capgemini group’s enterprise architecture framework. Based on his knowledge he became university-qualified facilitator at Capgemini University, and was facilitating courses there for more than 15 years. He worked as programmer in parallel with studying physics, mathematics and computer science at the University of Oslo. During graduate studies, his professor Ole-Johan Dahl introduced him to Niklaus Wirth at ETH Zurich. Ivar then became part of the international Pascal-P development led by Wirth and Urs Amman of ETH. Ivar implemented the Pascal compiler on IBM mainframe, as documented in his Cand. Real. computer science thesis.

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