Robert Engels

Robert Engels

Head of Data Science & AI

Dr. Robert Engels holds a PhD from from the University of Karlsruhe for research conducted in the area of Knowledge Discovery and Data Mining, he studied Artificial Intelligence, Psychology and Computer Science at the University of Amsterdam, NL. He conducted his Msc thesis on applications of Inductive Logic Programming at the University of Stockholm, Sweden. Dr. Engels (co-)authored several papers in the area, organised several international and local (german) workshops on practical applications of Data Mining. Being an independent consultant in the area, he is currently appointed organisations like Movation a.s, REPLY, NRK and the Western Norway Reserach Institute within the areas of semantic annotation strategies for multimedia, information access, AI/ML and computer linguistics. Robert Engels has since 1986 worked on artificial intelligence, machine learning, knowledge management, logic and knowledge representation. His specialty is the field of semantic technologies. He has worked internationally with DaimlerChrysler, Deutsche Telekom, NRK CognIT, and other research institutes and consultencies as a business developer, board member, researcher, product manager and software manager. Robert is currently the head of the department for artificial intelligence and machine learning at Capgemini Norge.

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